INNOVATION is a practice that is strongly emphasized starting from childhood. Innovative individuals are always looking for new ideas in improving efficiency, improving common practices and even designing new products. Semarak International Innovation Challenge (SIIC2023) is a forum where students and researchers will present their innovations to the public. Participation in SIIC2023 will be a catalyst to sharpen creativity and innovation idea and thus facilitate creative problem solving ”

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School Students

A1 : Primary school student
A2: Lower secondary school student
A3: Upper secondary school student

Free for both local and international
participants (A1-A3)

Higher Institution Students

B1: College, Polytechnique, Pre-university

B2: Private and Public University

Local: RM200

International: USD50

Local: RM400

International: USD100

Industry / Entrepreneur

Local: RM300

International: USD75


Local: RM50

International: USD15

Terms and Condition


1. SIIC2023 is open to school, higher institution students, industry and entrepreneur and public categories.
2. Participation by school and higher institution students must include one (1) advisor/lecturer.
3. Maximum number of members are six (6) including advisor/lecturer.
4. Video must be in English. Clear sound and brightness.

Judging Criteria Videos will be judged by the panel of experts. The judging criteria are:​

1. Introduction/Background
2. Problem Statement
3. Objectives
4. Novelty/Uniqueness
5. Benefits to intended users and society
6. Commercialization potentials
7. Awards/recognition received (if applicable)
8. Video presentation (Communication and creative presentation)

Video Guideline The guidelines for video presentation are:

1. Video length must not exceed 5 minutes
2. Please make sure that the video is:
  i. Clear sound and lighting
  ii. Minimum background noise
  iii. The submitted video we will uploaded to YouTube channel. By participating in this competition, consent is given to the organiser to publish it online.


Best of the best
Innovation Award

Evaluation by experts

Gold, Silver, Bronze
in each category

Evaluation by experts

Best Video Award
In each category

Number of 'likes' &
Evaluation by experts


8ᵗʰ May 2023


15ᵗʰ July 2023

Payment of participation fee

15ᵗʰ July 2023

Video link submission

25ᵗʰ May 2023

Notification of Acceptance


Semarak Ilmu
Research & Cunsultation


Fakulti Multimedia Kreatif dan Komputeran,
Universiti Islam Selangor (UIS) Malaysia

With approval

Kementerian Pendidikan
Bahagian Sukan, Kokurikulum
Dan Kesenian